New Beginnings

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Here at Fancy Gap, our meeting has a new name. We are no longer Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship, but are now officially Fancy Gap Monthly Meeting of the Religious of Friends. And we also have a new affiliation. After many years in North Carolina Yearly Meeting FUM and Friends United Meeting, last summer we left both and are now a part of Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting, and a member meeting of Friends General Conference.
This was not an easy decision and it was made with a great deal of pain and regret. But their were two issues that we were simply unable to accept as being in keeping with Quakerism as we understand it. One has to do with our belief in the total equality of all people before God which has led us to be a welcoming and affirming fellowship. Because of that stance , this was not a hypothetical issue. Members of our meeting who we love and cherish were hurt time and time again by the cruel things said to them and about them. We finally reached the point of saying, enough is enough and determined not to subject these Friends to any more of the kind of treatment they had received in the past.
The other is our understanding that from the very beginning Quakers rejected any attempt to have a creed or any series of doctrinal propositions imposed upon them. There are many Friends in our former Yearly Meeting who were quite vocal in their demand that all meetings be subject to the Richmond Declaration and the Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice .
It was very clear to us that whether or not Friends agreed with these documents, no meeting or individual should be forced to accept or adhere to them in order to be a part of a Yearly Meeting. It became increasingly clear to us that this was the direction in which the Yearly Meeting was moving, and since we appeared to be the ones out of step with that, it was time for us to leave.
We have found the last six months to be a time of refreshing and of joy. Our meeting and its ministries to the community are continuing to flourish, largely because our time and energies are now focused on making God’s presence visible to those around us and doing very positive things in the world rather than allowing the negativity of some Quakers to prevent us from doing the work at hand

The ONLY way to salvation

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There are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations across the planet. I want to laugh out loud at the audacity of Fundamentalist groups especially Quaker Evangelical Fundamentalists who are convinced that they have the ONLY way to salvation

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One generation goes,
another comes,
But the earth remains the same forever.
The sun rises,
and the sun sets-
And glides back to where it rises.
(Ecclesiates 1:4&5 JPS Tanakh)


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At Fancy Gap we are proud to say we are Quakers, part of a religious group that has been involved in positive change in the world for more than 350 years. Jesus taught his disciples to pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and throughout their history Quakers have sought to make that prayer a reality through living and spreading the values and precepts of that kingdom found in the teachings of Jesus.
The Quaker witness and practice of these teachings is found in a series of testimonies, simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality, often referred to by the acronym, SPICE. Many people know Quakers historically through the abolitionist movement, the underground railroad, and other work to end slavery. They have also been involved in prison reform, the establishment of hospitals for the mentally ill, and Native American rights. Throughout their history, Quakers have been pacifists, believing that all war is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Quakers have also been advocates of justice and removal of the causes of war, believing that economic, social, and political injustice are the primary factors leading to war.
Though not coined by Quakers, the phrase “live simply that others may simply live” is a more than adequate description of both the Quaker stance against rampant consumerism as well as their strong concern for the earth we share and its resources.
As we here at Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship seek to live out our Quaker testimonies through divine guidance in new and fresh ways that speak relevantly to issues in our world today, we have a sense that we are continuing in the great work of those who have gone before us, and like them are glad to proclaim we are

January -February Schedule

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January 12 Meeting for worship 11:00 AM
Meeting for worship with attention to business 1:30
January 14 Generous Inclusive Friends -Winston Salem Friends Meeting 10:00 AM
Soup Kitchen – Pizza Night 3:30 Rooftop Bldg, Galax
Tony’s birthday
January 20 Soup Kitchen 3:30 Rooftop Building, Galax
January 23 Reading/Discussion Group 7:00 PM
January 26 Surry Quarterly Meeting at Mt Airy Meeting 5:00 Fancy Gap has Program
February 2 Meeting for worship 11:00 AM
Meeting for worship with attention to business 1:30
February 3 Soup kitchen – Pizza night 3:30
February 6 Reading/Discussion Group 7:00 PM
February 10 Ruth’s birthday
February 16 Meeting for worship 11:00 AM
February 20 Reading/Discussion group 7:00 PM
February 21 Fellowship dinner at Japanese place Winston- Salem
February 24 Mike’s birthday
February 26 Judy’s birthday